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Ant watched FAR too much TV as a child. So apart from his normal straight reads, there’s a load of different voices bouncing around inside his head. But in a good way! Ant’s background is theatre and theatre sports. But for many years he has also worked as a re-recording mixer and sound designer in Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom. This combination of skills means he has a clear and focused understanding of how important the right voice and character is to the script and the story. Ant’s voice has appeared in radio and television commercials, corporates, feature films and animations both here in Australia and internationally.


I work at equity rates, and corporate rates as determined by my agent EM voices. For other projects I'm more than happy to talk about your budget. So get in touch and let's have a have a chat.

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T: +61 (0) 413 725 840  |  E:  |  Represented by EM Voices -  Jane Lillas | T: +61 3 9932 5777

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